mo & bsd
wasted years.

If I could change my life, be a simple kind of girl, try to do the best.
I can. If I could take the sides, I'd derail every path I could.
I'm about to die.
Won't you clear away from me give me strength to fly away?
It's not hard to fail,
it's not easy to win.
Did I drink too much?
Could I disappear?
& there's nothing that's left but wasted years.

There's nothing left but wasted years.
Its the saddest thing when angels fly away.

I cant be home tonight, i'll make it back its alright,
no one could ever love me half as good as you.

30.6.08 17:15

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sarah / Website (3.7.08 11:30)
ich liebe dich, marinka!
ich wollte dir nur mal wieder einen kommentar hinterlassen weil ich deinen blog lese und so (: immer..
ich denk an dich ♥

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